STANDISH – After only one bid was received, the Standish Town Council voted 5-1 (Louis Stack opposed) to reject all bids for the old town hall building at a special town meeting on Tuesday night. The decision came much to the chagrin of the Standish Historical Society, the sole bidder.

“I understand there was only one bid and that was from the Standish Historical Society,” said historical society member Pam Slattery-Thomas. “Can I ask why it was rejected?”

Council Chairwoman Margaret Spencer was quick to respond.

“I believe the council felt they couldn’t sell that building for $20,000,” said Spencer. “The council does have the right to reject any bids.”

Councilor Philip Pomerleau further explained the council’s decision.

“Obviously we have a right to accept a high or low bid, it’s hard to take 10 percent of what a building is worth,” said Pomerleau. “No one in this room would take 10 percent of the worth of their home or car. This is why I am voting to put the building back out for bid.”

Before the vote, Stack, a member of the Standish Historical Society, made a motion to amend the article by removing the second paragraph, which authorized the building to go back out for bid.

“I would like to strike the second paragraph,” said Stack. “Until we can come up with a decision to put it on the National Historical Register, we should wait to put it back out for bids.”

Councilor Lynn Olsen disagreed.

“I’m not in support of deleting this paragraph,” said Olsen. “I think we should move forward with this, so I don’t support the amendment.”

Councilor John Sargent sided with Olsen.

“I think, frankly, we should move forward and see what we get for bids,” he said.

Stack further touted the amendment.

“Well, this building either has historical value or it doesn’t,” said Stack. “That’s what we need to decide. What significance this building has to the town is something we need to discuss.”

Again, Olsen opposed Stack’s amendment.

“To wait and hold onto property that may or may not become something still has us holding a building we are not prepared to put money into.”

The amendment was defeated 5-1 with only Stack supporting it.

The original article, to reject all previous bids and re-solicit new bids, was then approved 5-1 with Stack opposed.

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