There have been several stories and opinion pieces written about the District 11 state Senate race between independent incumbent Dick Woodbury and Republican Chris Tyll. There has also been a lot of political mailers sent to the residents in that district. 

A lot of the mailers are positive. Some are negative. Above are two of the most pointed attacks against the candidates. 

The top one was paid for by a recently formed political action committee operated by Verrill Dana attorney William Harwood. It is the only anti-Tyll mailer in the race, but it’s a doozy, highlighting Tyll’s role in the 2011 effort by Republicans to repeal Maine’s Election Day voter registration law. The mailer describes the attempted repeal effort as voter suppression.

One visual detail stands out: Tyll giving the thumbs up, presumably to voter suppression. The Fonz and "heyyy!!" come to mind. Maybe it’s a generational thing, but it’s striking.

The bottom mailer, paid for by the Maine Conservative PAC, is equally devastating, if not entirely accurate.

"Tax, Dick, Tax." 

Enough said.