Wells High School hosted its first Breakfast of Champions for 2012-13 on Oct. 26, honoring 25 students and 11 staff members for their efforts to contribute to the learning and social environment at the school. Staffers honored were Sherri Anderson-Wormwood, Ann Bechan, Brenda Dyer, Katelyn Lewia, Jay Moore, Steve Newton, Cheryl Oakes, Kevin O’Shaughnessy, Pam Parrott, Barbara Provencher and Vanessa White-Capelluti. Student honorees were Tyler Bartlett, Morgan Brewster, Chad Daly, Kaitlyn Dinmore, Jason Doane, Ali Duplisea, Ashley Green, Jack Hahn, Olivia Holdsworth, Alexis Lambert, Kelly Leger, Angela Leone, Kate Macolini, Elise McCormack-Kuhman, Cameron McMahon, Nicole Moody, Casey Pyburn, Daniel Quint, Tyler Robichaud, Holly Robinson, Sydney Robinson, Sam Sayward, Sage Sierra, Madeline Taylor and Kelcie Wood. Each of the honorees received a certificate of acknowledgement along with a commemorative T-shirt.