With regard to the Press Herald’s editorial headlined “Parties should not interfere with voters” (Nov. 1), of course I agree. Who wouldn’t? As to the content of the editorial, which implies that Republicans may be attempting to negatively influence voters, there is much to disagree with.

I don’t recall any criticism of the New Black Panther Party member standing in front of a polling booth in 2008 slamming a billy club in his hand. Not from the Press Herald, the Obama administration, other press or the U.S. attorney general, despite the fact that he was breaking the law.

Need we forget that the press, the administration and much of the liberal establishment almost inconceivably blatantly stated that tea party rallies were more aggressive and dangerous than Occupy Wall Street rallies?

And would the Press Herald or someone please enlighten me as to how voters, always liberal voters it seems, are disenfranchised? Let’s be honest here. How difficult is it to register to vote? Are we so far shot in this country that we can’t live with the minimal expectation that any legitimate voter, regardless of their station in life, can register and do what is needed to get their vote cast?

I support every legal voter’s right to do so. At the same time, can we honestly deny that the possibility of fraud and abuse exists in this climate? Any, and I mean any, effort to secure the process and keep it untainted should be welcome and does not, in anyone’s wildest dreams, disenfranchise anyone, unless you really don’t want the system controlled.

So, what are you really saying?

Vincent Brown is a resident of Raymond.