At last this election is over, almost. Now will come endless spittle from political analysts across our nation who will attempt to dazzle us with their brilliance on why someone won and someone else lost. Of course, you and I know that they are being paid to bury us with manure from Democrat and Republican barns, which reek of political sewerage.

As this is a presidential election, the futures of Windham, Maine and the United States depend on the outcome of the election. Will we be stuck with right-wingers, left-wingers or even worse, stuck in limbo like the cesspool of Washington is presently stagnating in?

I cannot remember an election where the outcome will have such a great effect on where my wife and I can live our retirement years in comfort and piece of mind. Like most people, in the past we were tied down with jobs and family matters but now we are in our retirement years and must come to a decision on where to finally retire that best suits our financial needs and wants. Maine has become an expensive place to live. Living at the end of the nation has its drawbacks with its high cost of foods and fuels. Unlike southern states that give some tax breaks to senior citizens, Maine likes to sock it to everybody across the board.

Even Windham has its drawbacks to a comfortable life for those on fixed incomes. High taxes, a lack of services and poor management and leadership are taking a toll on many less fortunate citizens. When I look at the services provided by the town of Ozark, Alabama I have to wonder where all the tax dollars disappear to in Windham. Even the town of Lee, Maine with a population of 738 when my wife and I lived there, had better services than Windham provides.

Maybe Windham could save some money by not idling the plow trucks all day long waiting for the snow to fall. Yes, I love to see the roads freshly plowed but I hate to see sparks coming from the plows when there’s hardly any snow on the road in the first place.

When it comes to local elections in Windham, it will be interesting to see how the Town Council races are decided. Will Windham continue to be led by a council dominated by business-oriented councilors who want to pave over all of Windham at the expense of residential taxpayers, or will Windham end up with a balanced council that can make logical decisions for the first time in the past decade.

There is no doubt that Windham has undergone some recent turmoil. Recent problems in the police department and possibly one department in town hall as well, does not bode well for Windham’s future. One can only hope that this election does something to solve Windham’s problems.

First and foremost, my wife and I will make our final decision on whether or not we want to stay in Windham and Maine on the outcome of Tuesday’s election results. What’s even more amazing, if the elections for president and Congress are really disappointing for us, we might decide to leave the United States as well. That is something that I never had ever dreamed of but we can thank God we are in a position to do exactly that.

What’s even more amazing is that there are countries where health insurance is so much less expensive than what’s available in America. What’s even worse, I have the strangest feeling that no matter who wins at any level of the elections, the only result will be the taxpayers paying even higher taxes.

No matter how the vote turned out for the North Windham sewer project, the fight has just begun. It would have been a lot less expensive just to ask citizens of Windham whether or not they would pay for a sewer system as the Town Council directed the town manager to do and he didn’t. If it didn’t pass, there will be one more column to come from me on what that means.

Lane Hiltunen, of Windham, wonders who stole political signs all over Windham.

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