Thank you for giving me the honor of representing House District 112 for another term.

I am committed to working on an agenda of trying to improve Maine’s economy and competitiveness, of facilitating jobs and job training for Maine’s people, of strengthening our educational institutions by investing in higher education as well as early childhood education programs, and of protecting and preserving Maine’s extraordinary environment. I will listen to you, and I will work every day to support policies that will build partnerships and help Maine to prosper.

Elections are also referenda on the work and the leadership demonstrated over the years. I have tried to respond to constituents’ concerns over the past four years, to listen to your advice and counsel, and to work every day to do what seems to me best for Falmouth and for Maine. This election shows that local politics are still about meeting and talking face to face with voters. I knocked on almost 2,400 doors over the past three months, and I talked with many, many of you. An  out-of-state super PAC spent significant money trying to influence the election, but Falmouth voters chose to be represented by the candidate who, I hope, demonstrated a record of effective, bipartisan leadership over the past four years, and who listened to their concerns. Thank you for the confidence you have expressed in me. I look forward to staying in touch and to working hard on your behalf.

Rep. Mary P. Nelson