Our volunteer Bill Waite stops by the local Tim Horton’s in Brunswick and meets up with a friendly group of retirees. They call themselves the Old Goats Coffee Group.

Twice a week, they meet to have a coffee, perhaps a tasty doughnut, and share some serious “conversation.”

When Bill approached the group on a recent morning, he asked them if they would help our kids.

Without hesitation, they ponied up $175 on the spot. That is the true spirit of giving.

This group of friends, and I couldn’t name them because I’ve never met them, except Bill, have my sincere thanks for their generosity.

“Old Goats,” enjoy your coffee and continue on with your great friendships.

— Tess’s Market is back with a donation of $30 this year. Thank you so much. William and Lillian Waite donated $50 to our kids. We also received an anonymous gift of $5.

Also back again this year is American Legion Auxiliary Unit 202, with a donation of $100. Another $50 was received from Elaine, Betty, Barbara and Sonny in memory of Eunice Williams and Beverly Bibber.

The Unity Circle of Phippsburg donated $100. Edward Hamlin of Leominster, Mass., donated $40. Richard and Carol Antonak donated $50. Anna Varian sent us $50. The Chad Little Outdoor Equipment Store donated three John Deere Gift Bags valued at $59. Thank you for your generosity.

— I apologize for omitting the totals Friday. The new tally of children on our list is 111 in all.

— We are still in need of mittens. If you would like to donate, call us at 319-4785 and we can pick them up.

— If you would like to help our kids, you can make a taxdeductible contribution to The Santa Claus Fund at P.O. Box 278, Brunswick, 04011.

We have set a goal of $30,000. Last year, 627 children had Christmas who may not have without the local Santa Claus Fund. Your dollars and our volunteers are a team. Together we are able to locate and assist families in need.

— If you are a family who needs assistance, just address a letter to the Santa Claus Fund, P.O. Box 278, Brunswick 04011. Give us your name, address and a telephone number where you can be reached. Then list the names of your children, the date of birth, and tell us their gender.

THE SANTA CLAUS FUND reports are contributed by coordinator Dave Desjardins, known by volunteers as “the head elf.”

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