YARMOUTH — Judy Paolucci, Yarmouth Superintendent, was named a finalist to become the superintendent in Harvard, Mass., according to the school committee there.

The district is the second to publicly announce courtship of Paolucci, who has been offered the top school post in Leicester, Massachusetts.

“We thought her background was great, with regards to curriculum development and someone who really wants to stay visible and active in the community,” said SusanMary Redinger, chair of the Harvard School Committee.

Redinger said she hopes Paolucci will decide on the Leicester job in the next couple of weeks. If she declines that offer, Harvard officials would likely visit Yarmouth in January.

Redinger said she believe Paolucci’s experience in Yarmouth matches well with Harvard schools, which she described as small and high-performing.

Results of student testing show Harvard 10th graders were the most proficient in the state in English, 7th best in Math, and 10th best in Science out of more than abouyt 340 districts.

Paolucci is a finalist at a third school system, but in a Monday phone interview she declined to identify it because the selection process is not yet public.

The Yarmouth superintendent since 2009, Paolucci is moving to be closer to Rhode Island, where her husband is still employed, and where the couple has family.