FREEPORT — The Maine Department of Environmental Protection has fined a Freeport salvage yard $17,760 for a myriad of violations for improperly storing and handling hazardous waste.

An inspection of Freeport Auto Parts at 33 Allen Range Road uncovered storage and disposal of waste gasoline that did not comply with state standards. Two 275-gallon tanks containing the gas were unlabeled and found inadequate to hold the substance. Inspectors also found that waste oil had been discharged into the soil. The spillage required the removal of stained and oil-soaked top soil.

Owner John Ingerson disagreed with the hefty levy but was resigned to pay it, he said in a phone interview. The 43-year-old business had never been fined before, he said.

“The fine was little bit stout, but the state needs money,” Ingerson said. “You can’t fight it.”