ALFRED — A judge has found convicted murderer Rory Holland liable for the deaths of Derek and Gage Greene in a lawsuit filed against him by their mother.

Superior Court Justice Andrew Horton’s judgment, issued Monday, is a partial judgment.

It addresses only the issue of whether Holland is liable for the fatal shootings of the brothers on June 30, 2009, on Holland’s property at 58 South St. in Biddeford.

It does not address potential damages or civil penalties against Holland.

Scott Giese, the attorney who represented the Greenes’ mother, Tammy Cole of Biddeford, said he filed a motion seeking a judgment on the question of whether Holland was liable for the wrongful deaths so the victims’ mother, friends and family would not have to go through another trial.

Holland, now 58, was sentenced on Feb. 7, 2010, to two life sentences for the murders.

He lost his appeal on Jan. 13.

Giese said a phone conference is planned Monday to schedule a hearing on damages, and determine how much time is needed and where the hearing will be held.

Holland is representing himself in the case.

Giese said he does not have a figure for how much money Cole, a representative for her sons’ estates, is seeking in damages.

“We’ve requested that the judge hear the testimony and decide the damages.”

On the night of the shootings, the Greene brothers and several other young men walked along South Street while Holland stood outside his house.

Witnesses said Gage Greene, 19, approached and shoved Holland, who responded by pulling a handgun from his waistband and shooting Greene in the chest.

Derek Greene, 21, ran toward his brother, and Holland shot him in the chest and abdomen.

Holland had a run-in with Derek Greene a month before the shootings. Biddeford police arrested Greene and another man on charges of assaulting Holland on his porch.

As a bail condition, Greene was ordered to have no contact with Holland.

A jury rejected Holland’s claim that he acted in self-defense when he shot the brothers at close range, convicting him on both counts of murder on Nov. 3, 2009.

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CORRECTION: This story was updated Tuesday, April 9, 2013 to correct the ages of Derek and Gage Greene. Their ages were switched in a previous version.