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4. This New England poet’s work is featured on the happy hour/drink menu at LFK

5. Name of the building at 50 Monument Square

7. Time when the first Downeaster train from Boston is scheduled to reach Portland each morning — in Roman numerals

8. At Joe’s Smoke Shop, the brand occupying the top three shelves of the cigarette racks

11. Name of the white-haired guy who works in the paint department at Maine Hardware

14. Last name of a U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, inscribed on the courthouse wall at Federal and Market streets

16. Vegetable forming the door handle at Back Bay Grill

17. Of the first five U.S. presidents, which does NOT have a Portland street named after him?

18. The sign on State Street Church says that it was _________ in 1852

21. The most expensive piano — $27,999 — at Starbird Music bears this name

22. Name of epoch during which ice sheets covered all of Maine, including Portland

24. Whose fashions were once sold at 492 Congress Street?

29. At Harbor Fish Market, the six fish in their “Fish Medley” are tuna, salmon, mahi mahi, halibut, snapper and ______

31. At Marcy’s Diner, the words directly under the store’s name, on the front door

32. After English, the language spoken most by Portland Public School students

33. What does the “L” stand for in WBLM?

35. Name of the Portland Water District’s 1970-80s in-house staff newsletter

37. The giant, wooden 200+-year-old timepiece in the Portland Room at the Portland Public Library is a _______ clock

39. According to the big sign at the checkout, Trader Joe’s is ________ for your wallet

41. The City of Portland’s Employee of the Month in April 2012 was Fariba _____

43. Clothing store that once held sway at 278 Congress Street

44. First name of the seafood manager at the Forest Avenue Hannaford, the guy with all the piercings

45. On Great Diamond Island, the Fire Captain has asked residents to consider adopting a ______


1. Playing tonight at Empire Dine and Dance is Marco _______

2. The METRO bus schedule lists key route stops, only one of which identifies an eatery — the second word of which is_______

3. According to the plaque on the Eastern Prom, Cpl. Jacob Cousins was Portland’s first _____ soldier to die in WWI

6. First name of the donor of the Lewis Social Hall at Temple Beth El

9. According to the City of Portland’s website, the Jetport offers “direct passenger service” to three non-U.S. cities: Quebec, Halifax, and _______

10. In the “state streets” neighborhood between Washington and Allen avenues, where streets are named after states, this street is shortest

12. Scientific name of the reed starting to choke Back Cove

13. Where Doug Rafferty works now

15. If your car is towed from the AAA building lot on Marginal Way, who does the towing?

16. The 2012 Visitor’s Guide published by the Greater Portland Convention & Visitors Bureau calls Portland “____ By Nature”

19. What does the “W” stand for in PWM?

20. Name of the powerboat semi-permanently docked in the weeds at the corner of Presumpscot Street and Eben Hill Drive

22. 3 flags fly at Loring Memorial Park, on the Eastern Prom:  the U.S. flag, the Maine flag, and the ______ flag

23. Graffiti written on side of building at corner of Canco Road and Read Street

25. At Hadlock Field, the one Sky Box NOT named for a baseball player

26. Acronym of the organization on whose behalf Lady Gaga spoke at Deering Oaks in 2010

27. First name of media company owned by former Press Herald editor Jeannine Guttman

28. Word painted in faded white letters on the tall brick smokestack behind Morrill’s Corner

30. On Widgery Wharf, a life preserver hanging on the side of the bright green lobster shack bears the two names…

32. This Stephen Lanzalotta pastry costs $2.50 at the takeout counter at Micucci’s

34. Last name of Len, who owned Len’s Market

36. According to the AAA map of Portland, Baxter Boulevard is fully titled “Baxter Boulevard ____”

38. In the Old Port, the large painted sign on the side of a brick building advertises E. Swasey & Co, mentioning pottery, glassware and ______

40. Last name of Judd Nelson’s character in “The Breakfast Club”

42. Language spoken at Bogusha’s

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