I recently had a “water event” in my apartment. It was basically raining hot water from my ceiling. After contacting my management company I had a friend call 911, asked them to say it was a non-emergency (no one was injured) and see if they could send the Fire Department because at that point there was about an inch of water on the floor, all the buckets were full, and it was still raining.

We found out from dispatch that it actually was considered an emergency and they quickly sent out Engine 5, Ladder 6 and Rescue 1 to help me. The Fire Department in Portland is to be commended for the performance of these firefighters. They were calm and efficient and did their jobs quickly with care and consideration for myself, my neighbors and my possessions. I want to thank each one of them for their assistance. I am truly proud to be part of a community that has such wonderful people working for us.

Tanya Zivkovic