Maine is a fairly small, fairly law-abiding state. So it comes as a shock to hear that Pine Tree State residents lead the list of tollbooth scofflaws in Delaware.

Why would Maine drivers, who obey the law at home, flout it so thoroughly when they are visiting Delaware? Would drivers from way up in Maine be a bigger problem than more numerous and much more local operators from Maryland, Pennsylvania or New Jersey?

Would Mainers be less respectful of Delaware’s law than drivers from New York? Really? No, not really.

Since Maine is one of the few states that do allow nonresidents to register trailers, it has become a popular dodge for Delaware residents who want to avoid their state’s registration fees and safety exemption. The scofflaws turn out to be mostly Delaware drivers who are pulling Maine-registered trailers.

While it’s a relief that it’s not Maine drivers who are causing problems, the state should look at its registration policy in the interest of being a good neighbor. We can’t expect to keep our reputation for honesty if we are in cahoots with lawbreakers from away.