The core of the cold snap is now cresting over southern Maine and temperatures this afternoon rose to the middle and upper teens over southern areas and approached 10F to the north.  As night falls clouds will melt away and this will allow temperatures to fall once again to sub-zero readings.  Temperatures last night fell below zero from Portland to Augusta.

Even southern York County saw temperatures of one degree under the zero mark.  Tonight will be just as cold and wind chill warnings and advisories are now posted. Portland may see its coldest reading of this cold snap early Friday around 7AM.

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While the coldest of the cold is almost done, the recovery from the bottom will be extremely slow.  As I mentioned, temperatures tomorrow morning will as cold as this morning. However, tomorrow will see highs in the middle and upper teens, a few degrees warmer than today.
I will be watching a storm move out to sea to our south Friday night.  All of the computer guidance I am using shows the snow never making it into Maine.  While there could be a few flurries towards the southern border, I think even that might be forecasting too much snow.  The problem snow lovers, is that the jet stream will not allow the storm to move close enough to New England and certainly Maine to give us a storm.

The rest of the weekend will feature a return to sunshine and cold, but not frigid temperatures.  Highs over the weekend should be in the 20s and even in the mountains temperatures will reach the teens in the afternoon.  This looks like a great weekend for skiing, ice fishing and snowmobiling if you can find enough snow.
I don’t see any snowstorms in sight for at least the next 10 days and perhaps into the first week of February.  Things can change rapidly however so stay tuned.

Gardening this week All the dry air associated with the cold isn’t good for our indoor houseplants. Recently, I took a trip to greenhouse and saw how they care for their plants in winter. Hopefully, some of the tips help to keep your plants healthy until spring. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this blog or any others. Please follow me on Twitter at @growingwisdom and check out my latest videos at Growingwisdom

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