Edward A. Tharp

Edward A. Tharp

In many other states, there is some really good economic news, and governors across this great county doing their part to keep campaign promises managing other people’s money.

Other states, such as California, are as insane with other people’s money as the Senate, House and executive branch of our federal government.

When we look at total debt including Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, we are at the irretrievable number of somewhere between $60 trillion and $80 trillion.

At the end of the Republican- Democratic fiscal cliff fan dance, President Obama taxed the rich to the tune of $600 billion and called it a “balanced approach.”

House Speaker John Boehner waved some kind of victory flag, raised taxes on earners of $50,000 or more, but did manage not to start crying. The Democrat controlled Senate has not stopped spending other people’s money by not passing a budget in four years.

I support a family of four with a single income of, let’s say, less than $50,000. These self-serving Marxist Democrats and “Karl Rove establishment,” powerdrunk Republicans have spent my children’s future. They get away with things that would land regular folks in jail.

There are, however, people in government who still adhere to the very Biblical Christian principle of serving others before yourself — people who fully understand that the money in their charge really is other people’s hard-earned money.

Here in Maine, our state share of welfare spending, to quote Gov. LePage, is “unsustainable.”

There is another little known fact seldom mentioned in liberal circles: Nearly 80 percent of “other people’s money” goes to the Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services, for welfare and other things.

LePage has said that, “while the federal government has not had a real budget in years, as governor I am responsible (note that word) for ensuring Maine has a balanced budget. State government must tighten its belt significantly. Local municipalities must do the same.”

This blue-collar guy has one thing to say: “Right on, gov!”

If you work for a living and want some kind off future for you children, do what I do: Look to God for your country. And then look to those in positions of power who look to God first.

Gov. LePage is one of those people. He knows Maine is only as great as its people and their hard-earned, private property.

He is genuinely doing all he can to repair the irresponsible damage lesser men and women have done. Great to know there are still “real stand up men” out there. Let’s support them. If we do not, this thing called the U.S.A. is over. It’s that simple.

EDWARD A. THARP is a resident of Woolwich.

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