Police say the Oakland woman they arrested two weeks ago for repeatedly dialing 911 without a good reason was arrested again Tuesday for the same crime.

In all, Roxane Marie Montgomery, 45, has been charged with misuse of the emergency 911 system four times in the past 13 months.

Oakland police Capt. Rick Stubbert said police have limited options in dealing with those who unnecessarily tie up police resources.

“We still have to respond,” he said. “It really could be an emergency this time.”

Stubbert said it is up to the courts to impose sentences that curb the criminal behavior.

Montgomery allegedly called 911 twice in a five-minute period on Tuesday, leaving the connection open without speaking both times. She also was charged with assault and refusing to submit to arrest on Tuesday.

Montgomery was charged twice in January 2012 with 911 misuse. In April 2012, a court ordered her to serve 10 days in jail for the misdemeanor.