Portland rock band Metal Feathers is a trio consisting of vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Jay Lobley, drummer Derek Lobley and bassist and backing vocalist Jason Rogers. It released its latest record, the 12-song “Handful of Fog” (Teenarena Records), on vinyl and cassette. Yes, cassette. GO recently fired off some questions to Derek to ask why.

When did Metal Feathers come to be?

We formed about five years ago.

Do the three of you share common musical influences?

We have some common influences, like John Lennon and Ash Bowie.

What can you tell us about Teenarena Records? Where are they based, and how did you get involved with them?

They’re a not-for-profit record label based out of New Hampshire. We met them through mutual friends.

How has the band’s sound evolved over time?

We had to get rid of our keyboard player a year ago, so that helped move us away from the jazzy stuff he wanted to play.

We’re more “Forever Breathes the Lonely Word” than “Let the Snakes Crinkle Their Heads to Death” now. (Both of these are albums by the band Felt.)

How do you, as a band, like to describe your sound?

We usually just tell people we play rock music.

Any recurring themes on the album?

No, not really.

I understand releasing something on vinyl, but why cassette?

Cassettes are cheaper, and a lot of people still have tape players in their cars.

Other than at a live show, where can people purchase a copy of “Handful of Fog”?

People can purchase the album online from Teenarena Records as well as at teenarenarecords.com.

How was the album release show last weekend (at Mayo Street Arts)?

The release show went really well. aLEX kEATON, Wood Burning Cat and Leaves Leaves all played great sets.

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