If Zombie food trucks are your thing, or you really care about how you’ll celebrate National Coconut Cream Pie Day, chances are you might have tuned in to WMPG on Tuesday nights to hear “Dining with the Duleys,” a local radio show that is food-centric and yet isn’t entirely about food.

It’s kind of like sitting down at 7:30 for dinner with friends, not knowing where the conversation is going to go.

“It’s a dinner conversation, and it can take any spin,” said Joe Duley, who hosts the show with his wife, Charly. “but we always focus on some type of culinary event or some type of food, beverage or eating ritual, if you will. What’s the one thing that everyone in the entire world has in common? We all eat.”

If you haven’t heard the show yet, well, you’ve lost your chance — for a year, anyway. The Duleys are putting their 4-year-old radio show on hiatus for a year so they can concentrate on other things for a while. For Joe Duley, a creative consultant, that means working more, “catching up” on technology, and developing his other creative outlet, Joe Duley’s Blog and Grill (bit.ly/1644KI1).

For Charly Duley, it means focusing more on her voiceover work.

They say they will be back on the air in April 2014. For their last show before their sabbatical, which aired Tuesday night, they weren’t planning anything special – just craziness as usual.

“I think for the last one we will be doing what we always have,” Charly Duly said a few days before the final show. “I actually feel very sad to be even thinking about our last show, I have to say. Both Joe and I really enjoy doing it, and even on the evenings when we feel tired or there’s the snowstorm outside, once we get there we absolutely love it.”

The Duleys never did much to prepare for their show, and they never rehearsed.

“Charley is like the pilot. I’m the co-pilot,” Duley said. “She’d grab a news story or some interesting topic and say, ‘Oh, this week I have something saucy,’ and then we wouldn’t talk about it until we got on the air.”

Duley said they’ll continue to keep the “Dining with the Duleys” Facebook page active (on.fb.me/14lT3bX).

You can hear archived episodes of their show here: diningwiththeduleys.posterous.com.


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