SOUTH PORTLAND — Former Democratic state Rep. Christopher Muse faces a May 28 court appearance in Cumberland County Unified Criminal Docket in Portland after being charged with assault and robbery March 22.

Muse, a resident of 35 Mildred St., was released on personal recognizance in a court hearing Monday.

He is charged with Class D assault and a Class E robbery for allegedly knocking down Tammie Terison, 44, of Cumberland, then kicking her in the head and taking $15 and her cell phone.

The alleged assault occurred on the Greenbelt pathway between Ocean Street and Muse’s Mildred Street home, according to court records.

Muse and Terison agreed the incident happened sometime after 5 p.m. and after Terison consumed at least four drinks at two nearby bars. Both of them said Muse was not drinking.

Terison told police Muse got angry after she said wanted to go home and criticized his appearance and housekeeping. Muse then allegedly assaulted her, took her to his home, and tended her injuries before she texted friends to pick her up.

Muse told police Terison was “visibly drunk … (and) at some point she fell down on the sidewalk. I helped her up and she looked fine.”

Terison reported the incident to police Sunday afternoon. Officer Theodore Sargent arrested Muse at his home after investigators determined Terison’s facial bruises did not seem consistent “with just a fall.”

Muse served in Maine House District 26 in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The district was redrawn as Maine House District 123 a decade ago.

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