PORTLAND — Greg Martens finally knows exactly what his birthday present was this year: more than $2,500 for the Good Shepherd Food Bank in Auburn. 

Martens, a Maine-based entrepreneur and former concert merchandise dealer, has been putting on a fundraising birthday bash for himself the past decade or so to raise money for Good Shepherd. He calls it F.O.G. (Friends of Greg) Festival, and invites musicians friends to play fundraising shows.

This year’s F.O.G. Fest in Portland was held during the first weekend of March and featured four concerts at various city venues, with performances by Blues Traveler’s John Popper and Spin Doctors’ Chris Barron.

Martens, who turned 50 during one of those shows, has just recently tallied the money made during this year’s festival. He said Tuesday that money raised this year from ticket sales, a foul shooting contest, raffles and individual donations totals $2,545.50.

“I cannot begin to thank everyone who has contributed in one way or another,” said Martens, in an email announcing the tally Tuesday. “I am so proud to have you as a friend.”