WATERBORO — A Waterboro woman was issued a summons to appear in court Wednesday morning after she allegedly shot and killed a neighbor’s dog that had wandered onto her property.

William L. King Jr, Chief Deputy for the York County Sheriff’s Office, said Nancy Clough of Federal Street told police that the dog, which was named Shadow, had acted aggressively toward her in the past.

Clough told Sgt. David Chauvette that she had contacted Waterboro’s Animal Control Officer in the past about the dog running at large but that local police had not taken any action.

Clough said that when she went outside her home on Wednesday the dog, a 4-year-old Bull Mastiff mix, was running freely on snowmobile tracks in her backyard. She said the dog started acting aggressively toward her. She went back inside her home to get her rifle.

Clough went back outside and shot the dog in the back. As she moved closer to the dog she realized it was still alive. She fired a second shot that killed the dog.

King said the York County Sheriff’s Office summonsed Clough for aggravated cruelty to animals, a Class C felony. She has been scheduled to appear in court on May 8.