You argue that York County’s zealous prosecution in the Zumba case was warranted, partly due to the possibility that massive extortion of the johns “could have” occurred (“Our View: Zumba prosecution critics off the mark,” March 22). Reminds me how the Iraq war was justified because there could be WMDs.

Remember: These were consenting adults who had no expectation of privacy, a court ruling found. Therefore, they left themselves completely open to extortion, embarrassment, etc. To prosecute this case, seemingly unlimited amounts of money were spent as the book was thrown at Mark Strong.

On the other hand, Bill Diamond wrote recently about the state’s computer crimes division, which aids police around the state in prosecuting people who download, disseminate and produce child pornography. Only problem is that they have nowhere near enough money to carry out their mission. As a result, children, who are legally nonconsenting, are being sexually abused and traumatized and not being helped as fast as they could be. Plus, the perpetrators of these felonies aren’t being caught and prosecuted.

So to sum up: On the one hand, we have unlimited resources spent to prosecute consenting adults committing misdemeanors, and on the other, we have limited, insufficient funds to potentially save hundreds of children from horrendous sexual abuse, which will likely induce lifetime trauma.

What possible financial and emotional calculus could you use to justify this imbalance? It just doesn’t compute. It’s time for the citizens of York County to insist that their tax money be used much more effectively, and to throw the bums out.