I work as a kitchen manager for the Scarborough School Nutrition Program. I know from my 15 years working in this district that the town of Scarborough takes great pride in its schools and the education it offers to your children. The School Board is proposing severe cuts to the wages and benefits of the custodial and nutrition staffs. I liken education to a three-legged stool with teachers and education the main part of the stool, and each leg supports the stool so that education at all levels can successfully be delivered and the needs of each and every child are met. One leg is transportation, one is custodial, and the other nutrition. If any part of these legs is off kilter, then the stool falters. I am sure you can visualize this picture in your mind. Now I ask you to include your child in that picture, and ask how you will feel when that stool crashes with your child on it. By allowing these drastic cuts, you are enabling this process to happen. The services that you all rely on will not be what they are now, and the only one who will pay the price is your child. Please support the wonderful work these folks do by approaching your School Board to let them know that you do not support these drastic cuts.

Cathy Cook