Once again our illustrious president sees fit to go on another vacation golfing in Florida with Tiger Woods to the paltry tune of $1 million. It makes me feel so good when he has no conscience about spending this money on himself and has the audacity to tell us to inflate our tires to save money. I’m really fed up with this kind of arrogance – it makes me forget the politically correct names we use for people who behave this way. How dare he tell us to tighten our belts when he is squandering our hard-earned tax dollars for his pleasures. His $7 million Hawaiian vacation wasn’t enough of a “spit in our face” attitude, he just keeps on spending like the Energizer bunny. As Rush Limbaugh so aptly puts it, “the uninformed” are the ones who re-elected this dictator. Just imagine what these vacation extravagances could do to really help the poor. It was no surprise to me when I heard that Republicans donate significantly more to charities than the “so-called-concerned-for-the-poor-people” Democrats do. I was actually surprised at how little Joe Biden contributed to charity – what a tightwad. Do as I say, not as I do. Sound familiar?

Diane Robinson