KINGFIELD -This particular story on a particular hotel in ski country seemed worth an addendum, given it was covered from a night in Room 318, the room where most of the ghost stories in The Herbert emanate.

And because so many locals asked for a report.

“You might be asking for it,” Courtney Battistelli said the evening of my stay, with a nod to the front of the looming hotel in the center of Kingfield.

And Battistelli felt good about my prospects of being “visited,” or spooked, as it were.

“The full moon was a few days ago. But sometimes the waning moon is when things happen,” she said, encouragingly.

And she was not alone.

Shop owners who asked not to be identified asked for a report. As did George, a patron at Longfellow Restaurant.

In fact, for every local who willingly talked about the well-known hauntings at The Herbert, another did not want to discuss it.

A fact I found a bit creepy.

But as I hashed out with George the one aspect of this story I struggled to report, I came back to the place most people in Kingfield arrive at on the issue. If Wing’s ghosts visited me in 318, I had to tell all.

Except, for a journalist of 20 years who has prided myself on reporting facts accurately and fairly, this put me at a crossroads, same as if I stood in the middle of Kingfield. How do you, journalistically, report a haunting, if one could even take place?

“You have to,” George said simply.

So when the radiator clanged beside my head with no heat rising from it, I took note. And the way the bathroom seemed devoid of all noise except the toilet’s roaring, harsh flush made me wonder.

But fortunately for now, I have nothing to report to the good people of Kingfield.

And it’s one story I don’t mind missing.

Deirdre Fleming can be contacted at 791-6452 or at:

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Twitter: Flemingpph


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