WINTHROP – A local man who police say led them on a brief chase after he hit two other vehicles in his pickup truck was shocked with a stun gun multiple times as he struggled with officers during his arrest.

His daughter also was arrested, as she allegedly confronted police while they were arresting her father after the chase, which ended when he crashed next to his own driveway on Route 133.

Donald True, 46, was the driver of a 1989 GMC pickup truck that struck two vehicles in separate accidents on U.S. Route 202, police said.

He was arrested on charges that included eluding an officer, leaving the scene of an accident, assault on a police officer, aggravated reckless conduct and failing to submit to arrest, according to an affidavit filed by Winthrop Officer Justin Trask.

Also arrested was True’s daughter, 20-year-old Alicia True. She was charged with assault and obstructing government administration.

About 4 p.m. Tuesday, a truck that police say was driven by Donald True was westbound on Route 202 in Winthrop when it struck a 2012 Toyota pickup truck, which also was westbound, driven by Rebecca Deblois, 34, of Winthrop.

True allegedly drove away from that accident scene, still headed west on Route 202, and struck another vehicle about two miles away, a 2001 Buick driven by Karen Oldenburg, 55, of Augusta, according to Sgt. Daniel Cook. True then also left that accident scene, police said.

Several calls from witnesses enabled police to intercept True as he was headed north on Route 133, toward Wayne. Witnesses reported True’s truck had front-end damage and was smoking. Officers tried to stop the vehicle, but True refused to pull over, they said. A chase ensued, with speeds not exceeding 70 mph.

A front tire then appeared to blow out, Trask said, after which True crashed into a group of trees next to his driveway. He got out of the vehicle, shirtless and screaming, according to Trask.

“I drew my (gun) and pointed it at Donald,” Trask wrote. “I was yelling to Donald to get down on the ground. I then observed Donald start walking towards Officer (Timothy) Falvey and as he was walking towards Officer Falvey, Donald was screaming ‘just shoot me.’ I did not see any weapons on Donald so I holstered my weapon and pulled out my Taser X26. I shouted at Donald that I was going to ‘tase’ him, and he kept going towards Officer Falvey.”

Trask said he deployed the stun gun and its probes hit True, but True ripped one probe out and continued toward the other officer.

Falvey and Cook started to pull True down, but he kept struggling, so Trask stunned him again. After a fourth shocking, True lay flat on the ground.

Trask said that as police were handcuffing True, his daughter came out of the residence, yelled at them and tried to pull police away from Donald True.

Both Trues were taken to the Kennebec County jail. Bail was set at $10,000 for Donald True and $500 for Alicia True.

Alicia True posted bail and was released, according to jail officials, but Donald True had not posted bail as of Wednesday afternoon.

Police Chief Joseph Young said police do not know why True was driving so erratically.

“He hit a couple of cars, and other drivers also reported they were forced off the road by him,” Young said.

There were no passengers in any of the vehicles involved and none of the drivers suffered injuries that required hospital treatment.


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