SCARBOROUGH — Three Portland-area men were arrested Tuesday afternoon on drug related charges by Scarborough police.

Police conducted two traffic stops near the Wal-Mart store off Payne Road after witnessing a drug transaction take place in a nearby parking lot.

Robert Renna, 27, of Scarborough, was arrested for possession of oxycodone and suboxone, schedule W drugs, and possession of Xanax, a schedule Z drug. Renna was also charged with violating terms of his probation.

Timothy Hanson, 30, of Cumberland, was arrested for trafficking in oxycodone and suboxone, possession of suboxone and violation of bail.

Tanner Amergian, 35, of Gorham, was arrested for trafficking oxycodone and violating his probation.

All three men were taken to the Cumberland County Jail in Portland.