New Meadows Lobster in Portland, which ships live lobster, said it had a shipment of lobsters stalled in Boston due to the city’s lockdown as officials continue the manhunt for one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects.

“There’s quite a bit of disruption,” said Matt McAleney, general manager of New Meadows Lobster.

New Meadows trucks shipments of live lobster to Boston and the shipments are transferred to other trucks or airlines for transit to customers. Due to the lockdown throughout Boston, trucks can’t move. Workers who would normally transfer shipments between trucks or cargo sites also can’t get to work because public transportation in the Boston has been halted.

Customers have been understanding, though.

“Everyone knows what’s going on and understand the situation,” McAleney said.

He said he could not estimate how many pounds of lobster or number of customers were affected by the delay.

“It’s a slow month because it’s only April. If this was summer, it would be bad,” McAleney said.

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