Janice Dickinson has filed for bankruptcy, the self-proclaimed world’s first supermodel confirms.

“I had some trouble, so yes, it is true,” Dickinson confirmed to Radar Online. “I am upset and taking every step to pay everyone back and I feel terrible about it.”

Documents obtained by the New York Post allege that the former “America’s Next Top Model” judge has racked up nearly $1 million in debt not only to the government but to plastic surgeons and cosmetic-procedure professionals who have enabled her penchant for looking youthful.

The controversial 58-year-old owes New York state, California and the IRS more than $500,000 in unpaid taxes from the last decade, the court documents said.

The Post also said she owes Beverly Hills dermatologist Arnold Klein and Dr. Uzzi Reiss of the Beverly Hills Anti-Aging Center more than $8,000 each.

In January 2012, she was slapped with a $43,000 tax lien, according to Perez Hilton. Dickinson also faced an eviction lawsuit, TMZ reported.

In December, news broke that Dickinson and psychologist Robert Gerner were engaged. This would be her fourth marriage, and the couple was rumored to be planning an April wedding.

Obama girls won’t get under their dad’s skin

President Obama has a strategy to discourage daughters Malia and Sasha from rebelling.

Wednesday, on NBC’s “Today,” Obama says he and his wife, Michelle, have told the girls that if they ever get tattooed then “mommy and me” will get the same tattoo in the same place and show it off on YouTube.

The president also dismissed the first lady’s reference to herself as a single mom during a separate TV interview.

But he acknowledged there have been times when she probably did feel that way.