LOS ANGELES – As if Justin Bieber’s European escapades haven’t been entertaining enough already, let’s add … a drug raid in Sweden!

A strong smell of marijuana got authorities’ attention Wednesday night when the bus was outside the Biebs’ hotel before the Stockholm show, a police spokesman told the Associated Press. (The cops had been working crowd control to manage the screaming hordes that assembled outside the hotel, said the local paper Aftonbladet.)

A special narcotics unit was summoned and the bus was searched while the show was in progress at the Globen arena.

Good news for Team Bieber: Nobody was on the bus at the time. Bad news: The cops found a small amount of drugs and a stun gun, which requires a permit. Though the police were mum on the type of drug, the local newspaper identified it as weed.

Fortunately for the Bieber crew, police said no charges would be filed because no suspects could be identified, TMZ said. The pot was found on the floor of the bus, so it could not be tied to anyone specifically. The bus was not impounded.

By Thursday afternoon, Bieber had left the reefer madness behind and was already in Helsinki, Finland, where he was set to play on Friday evening.

Formerly Dead, Weir collapses in Furthur show

NEW YORK – Bob Weir fell onstage while strumming his guitar at a concert in Port Chester, N.Y.

Video posted online shows the 65-year-old musician collapsing Thursday night during a performance with Furthur. He was quickly helped off the floor as the crowd cheered him on.

Weir is on tour with Furthur, the band he formed with fellow Grateful Dead member Phil Lesh.

Lesh told the crowd Thursday that Weir had been suffering from a strained shoulder.

A representative for Furthur didn’t immediately respond to an email seeking comment. The band’s next show is scheduled for Saturday in Atlantic City, N.J.