On Dec. 6, 1933, the day after Prohibition ended, my grandfather opened the first post-Prohibition bar in South Portland. In the ensuing 80 years, the data from the city clerk’s office shows that there are now over 80 establishments within the city where alcohol can be bought, or bought and consumed. It seems to me that over 80 businesses where alcohol can be bought in our city is enough. We do not need to change our ordinance to now allow the possession and consumption in city parks and recreational areas.

April Cohen-Tracy, the president of Buy Local, has requested the ordinance change to allow Sea Dog Brewery, a member of their organization, to showcase their products at the Buy Local festival scheduled for Bug Light in August. The safeguards the Buy Local people have put in place seem adequate for the serving of alcohol. The problem is the slippery slope the ordinance change will begin. If there is an ordinance change allowing the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages, other organizations will also be allowed to serve alcohol in city parks and recreational areas.

There are plenty of places to obtain alcohol within the city. Let’s keep the city’s parks and recreational areas alcohol-free – a safe environment for families to play and enjoy our beautiful parks, beaches, and recreational areas. Please contact the city councilors and ask them to oppose the ordinance change.

Marilyn Reilly
South Portland