The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries Service has announced catch limits for the 2013-2014 Northeast groundfish fishery that will include much lower quotas for some groundfish stocks.

The catch limits, which were described in a statement issued Tuesday by NOAA, will reduce quotas on nine stocks of cod, haddock and flounder. NOAA said about half of those quotas are higher than what fishermen caught last year.

NOAA said the catch limits were based on input from the New England Fishery Management Council.

“We know that for some fishing communities that have relied heavily on cod, haddock and flounder, the next several years are going to be a struggle,” said John Bullard, NOAA Fisheries northeast regional manager.

“We’ve done everything we can to include measures that may help soften the blow of quota cuts, but it’s going to take a collective effort to find more ways to keep both the fishery and the businesses that support it viable while these stocks recover,” Bullard added.