I am thrilled that Dave Goldberg has decided to run for Falmouth Town Council. Dave’s vision of and commitment to a bright future for Falmouth is self-evident.

In particular, Dave and I share a connection that is rooted in our commitment to investing in top-notch schools. Dave and I, as business owners, are acutely aware of the ties between great schools and a community’s economic vitality.

We understand that our outstanding schools attract great families and these families, in turn, become invested in Falmouth and cultivate a sustainable, healthy, family-friendly environment for our citizens.

Furthermore, Dave’s experience as a successful business owner makes him exactly the type of knowledgeable, practical, hardworking individual that the council needs to skillfully weigh the nuanced fiscal responsibilities required from our council members. I trust Dave to make fiscally sound, conscientious decisions that will protect key assets like schools while holding the line on taxes.

Justin Davis, president
Portland Webworks