South Portland has some very beautiful, alcohol-free parks, beaches and recreation areas. City councilors of the past have seen fit to keep the sale and use of alcohol out of those public areas. As I have talked with citizens about the ordinance change before the City Council to allow alcohol to be sold and consumed in our parks and other recreation areas requested by April Cohen-Tracy, president of the Buy Local organization, I have really heard some sad stories and some disgusting ones, too. Many children live in homes where alcoholic behavior rules. It is beer first, food second. Folks talked about Portland’s July 4 celebration, where thousands of folks convene to picnic and watch the fireworks. They spoke about the alcohol consumed and the urinating in front of children. Others spoke about the vomiting. Obviously it is a real turnoff to a family event. Please tell city councilors to not let a few dollars earned from beer sales corrupt the glorious spaces we have for all to enjoy. May the children win.

Tell them to leave the ordinance alone. Keep the alcohol off the parks, beaches and recreation areas.

Maxine Beecher
South Portland