I must comment on Question 1 on the Falmouth ballot. This proposed general obligation bond is a big deal. According to the town treasurer (in the brochure mailed to all residents), it has been “concluded that there will be sufficient funds to cover borrowing costs … because the Town will be issuing a bond (of this type), the Town (all of us) will ultimately be responsible for repayment.”

Are we really ready to risk the possible responsibility for repayment of the bond? Will the economy and the revenue of Route 1 businesses be stable enough down the road to support this? Who has the crystal ball?

The stated $17,500 for maintenance, even if it is enough when the changes occur, is not realistic in the long run. Costs constantly increase.

I urge a no vote on Question 1. The gamble is too great and I question the future of a walking/biking/driving combination on this particular roadway.

Emily Kopans