A yes vote on Falmouth Question 1, the proposed improvement plan for U.S. Route 1, will result in completing missing sidewalk links, building connecting sidewalks of consistent materials, constructing striped bike lanes, placing all existing overhead power lines underground and providing adequate street lighting, in addition to making landscaping improvements.

It will be paid for with tax increment financing funds, developer contributions, and state and federal funds, where applicable, and coordinated with the Maine Department of Transportation and Portland Area Comprehensive Transportation System.

Businesses will be situated together, enhancing accessibility; pedestrians will have the pleasure of safe and fitness-worthy walking and strolling in town; neighbors can meet and greet each other.

Falmouth has so much to offer: an excellent library, world-class shops, banking institutions, medical offices, fitness clubs, a superb ice arena, a highly recognized Audubon center, several very fine dining establishments and more. What it does not have is a cohesive flow to join all of its townspeople to all of its services and offerings.

On June 11 vote yes on Question 1 to make these improvements on Route 1.

Anne Theriault