SANFORD, Fla. – After an eventual verdict in the George Zimmerman case, the names of jurors will be kept secret — but for how long remains to be seen. Seminole Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson said Monday the names of the six jurors will be kept anonymous “for some time,” but she won’t rule on the length of time until later in the trial, or possibly after.

Zimmerman is charged with the February 2012 slaying of Miami Gardens teen Trayvon Martin, whose death spurred racial tension, drew worldwide headlines and spurred scrutiny of Florida’s self-defense law.

Jury selection began last week. On Monday, Zimmerman’s defense team — with prosecutors agreeing — asked the judge to keep jurors’ names secret for at least six months after the trial, to ensure they are not harassed or threatened after a possible verdict in the polarizing case.

The defense move mirrors what happened in the highly publicized Casey Anthony murder trial in Orlando. After Anthony was acquitted of murdering her young daughter, a judge ordered a “cooling off” period and jurors’ names were not revealed to the public for three months.

The ruling came as prosecutors and the defense team inched close to seating a six-person jury. After interviewing eight potential jurors Monday, the court asked four of them to return later in the week for more questioning.

So far, prosecutors and the defense team have agreed on 32 potential jurors to move on to a second round of questioning.