WELLS – Blueberry pancakes were not on my agenda. They weren’t even in my dreams.

But the moment I sidled up to the counter at the Pine Tree Farm Market & Cafe, my mind succumbed to the overwhelming urge to indulge. In addition to my Eastern scramble — a delightful mix of eggs, peppers, onions, bacon and cheddar cheese all cooked together — I ordered three mini-blueberry pancakes.

Excessive? No doubt about it.

Regrets? Not even a crumb.

The Pine Tree Farm Market is one of those places I’ve driven by many times, but never stopped at. It’s tucked alongside Route 1 just north of Ogunquit, and features wine and cheese, some really good-looking bakery items and decorative things for the garden.

This is its sixth season of operation, so I figured it was high time for me to stop.

It has an appealing, inviting appearance from the street. That welcoming feeling carries over on the inside. I’ve now stopped in twice in recent weeks, and came away pleased with my experience both times.

A few weeks ago, I was headed to Ogunquit for an interview and had a few minutes to spare, so I stopped in for a cup of coffee. They serve Wicked Joe coffee, which I like. It’s rich and fresh.

Then, as on my recent visit, the lure of breakfast engulfed me. I ordered a classic breakfast sandwich on a bagel ($3.99), and was impressed with three things: The bagel was well toasted but not crunchy; the bacon was crisp, thick and generous in its proportions; and the cheese was perfectly melted.

It was, simply put, one of the best breakfast sandwiches I’ve ever had.

I would have ordered another on my second stop last week, but I felt compelled to try something different. I was hungry for bacon and eggs, and debated having two eggs with breakfast potatoes and toast ($3.99), but the Eastern scramble ($7.99) won me over.

It came with diced red and green peppers, onions, and just enough bacon to offer a taste. The melted cheese brought it all together almost like an omelet. It was very good. My grilled potatoes (hash browns in my book) were a disappointment. They were slightly under-cooked, and didn’t hold much appeal.

Just because, I also ordered three mini-blueberry pancakes ($3.99), which weren’t very mini. They were a meal unto themselves. They were perfectly grilled, just slightly brown on the outside but still moist and fluffy, and packed with the sweetest, freshest blueberries. My intent was to just get a taste of them, but I downed all three.

By the time the food orgy was over, I loosened my belt a notch and got on with my day, fully and totally satiated.

There is also a full lunch menu with fresh soups, paninis and the usual mix of subs and sandwiches. Based on the quality of the breakfast, I am sure lunch here is very good.

I like this place because of its casual nature. Many people order their food to go, but there is a small dining area outfitted with solid wooden tables and chairs. You order at the counter, and the food is served on sturdy paper plates with plastic utensils. The butter, jellies and maple syrup are prepackaged.

I waited no more than 10 minutes for my food. It was gone in half that time.

GO staff anonymously sample meals for about $10.


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