For the past 2½ years, the Press Herald and especially Bill Nemitz have not been able to find any nice things to write about Gov. LePage.

In the beginning, it was to promote Chellie Pingree so she and the paper’s owner could occupy the Blaine House. Now that Pingree has decided to stay in her present secure seat, the paper will now promote Mike Michaud. The people of Maine will see through this.

Is there nothing that the newspaper can say that might reflect something that has helped the state of Maine? Why have the Democrats since they took over had only one thing on their mind, and that is raising taxes? This newspaper doesn’t cover that.

It’s about time that the governor has three words for this newspaper, and those are “No more comments.” I totally agree with him. We won’t need this newspaper anymore.

Keep up the good work, Governor, and the people of Maine will see through the negativity that comes from Bill Nemitz.

Newspapers should report both sides. My late mother had a quote on her kitchen counter that said, “I know something good about you — can you say something good about me?”

Now the paper has increased the daily and Sunday rates. No, thank you. I can get local coverage from television, radio and the many free newspapers around the grocery stores.

Steve Meyers will also need to find a new character to insult as we move forward.

Very disrespectful.

Gerard A. Prevost is a resident of Portland.