Tuesday’s explosion in Yarmouth was felt far from the condominium complex where it occurred.

The 6 a.m. blast was heard in South Portland, it was felt on Peaks Island and it shattered windows at Yarmouth’s North Road Fire Station, about 700 feet away.

“Our entire house just shook,” said Judith Willette, who lives a half-mile away. “I guess I was thinking it was like a sonic boom. I screamed up to my husband, who was in the shower.”

“It was a massive explosion,” said David Clough, who lives on East Main Street in Yarmouth. “It sounded like a humongous M-80,” he said, referring to a large firecracker.

“The blast wave came up over the trees so the house, lawn and the roof were just covered with insulation,” Clough said. “There was an acrid smell in the air but not much smoke. Probably about a minute after the blast, all this insulation started falling from the sky.”

Jordan O’Brien, a teenager who lives a mile and a half away, said the early morning blast “woke me right up. I figured it was a lightning bolt or something. It almost knocked me out of my bed.”

Donald Verger heard the explosion at his home on Route 88 in Falmouth.

“I heard what sounded like a concussive sound. It sounded somewhat similar to what I experienced at the Boston Marathon,” said Verger, who said he was near the finish line when two bombs exploded on April 15.