Regarding “Our View: Cutler right to call for Blaine House runoff” (June 24):

Ranked-choice voting and runoff elections are ideas pushed by people whose candidate did not win a general election.

We have had multicandidate races many times in the state of Maine.

Gov. Longley, an independent, won in 1974 with 39.7 percent of the vote. Gov. King, another independent, won in 1994 with 35.37 percent of the vote.

Gov. Baldacci, a Democrat, won in 2006 with 38.11 percent of the vote. Gov. LePage, a Republican, won in 2010 with 38.33 percent of the vote.

I do not recall hearing complaints until a conservative Republican won. Where was your righteous indignation in 2006? Why did you not characterize the 38.11 percent of the voters who elected Gov. Baldacci as “a highly energized and cohesive minority”?


We should listen to the voters who turn out on Election Day.

There is no need to add to the cost of our elections because some people are sore losers.

It would be far better to teach the current electorate that sometimes their candidate does not win and does not get a do-over.

Ann Marie Scott is a resident of Biddeford.

Correction: This letter was revised at 11:15 a.m., June 27, 2013, to state that Gov. LePage was elected in 2010.

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