Dylan Martin’s article, “Brunswick program tackles growing food insecurity for youth,” never answered what was being tackled. The problem is hungry children, and it appears that no one is asking where are these children’s parents, grandparents, guardians that are supposed to be using the taxpayer-provided EBT card, Food Stamp, Section 8, etc., on the children general welfare. Not one child should be going hungry. There is a requirement for mandatory reporting to the Department of Health and Human Services to show that the adults are abusing the taxpayer-provided assistance, and begin involving the court system. But no child in Maine should be ever going without food, as there are very generous welfare programs to ensure that this does not happen.

Tackle the problem, do not use clever words to cover up a parent or guardian’s neglect and responsibility to feed their own children. There is a problem of intelligence insecurity, not food insecurity.

Debbie A. Barry
Lisbon Falls