The Town Council has appointed a Library Services Planning Committee to prepare a plan for public library services and facilities to serve Cape Elizabeth for the next 25 years. The committee, comprised of three council members, one School Board member, and one member of the TML Board of Trustees, will report back to the council with a review of findings and recommendations for the future at a council meeting in late fall of this year.

To date, the Committee has examined the material available from the prior six years of efforts to address the concerns with the library, including an investigation of the architectural programming and design documentation, an analysis of the building deficiencies and code issues identified by building consultants, and a review of the public input process.

Based on our review of the existing documentation, we know that the TML is inaccessible to many in our community. Its five levels make it operationally inefficient and expensive to staff. The structural, mechanical, and electrical systems are undersized and over-utilized. Outstanding code violations cannot be easily solved in the existing facility. Air quality is compromised by environmental factors. We know that our community demands that we do better at preserving and enhancing this vital resource.

Over the next several months, our committee will include a review of TML programming and services so that we can better assess needs for the future. We’ll look into the feasibility of relocating the library or some of its collection or services into other town-owned facilities. We’ll meet with the members of the Town Center Committee, and we’ll reach out to other community organizations for their input as well.

We’re also planning a meeting this summer to allow for public input – we want your ideas and recommendations about the what the library’s role in Cape Elizabeth should be, what kind of programming is important to you, and how important the existing library’s location and buildings are to the community.

We expect to report back to the Town Council in the fall with recommendations for next steps. In the meantime, if you have any comments, questions, or input, please feel free to contact any member of the committee (see the town website,, for contact information) or contact me directly at [email protected]. We’ll look forward to hearing from you!

Molly MacAuslan


Library Services Planning Committee

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