(StatePoint) Is your garage door working properly? If not, you may be sweeping an important problem under the rug.

If other home repair projects seem more pressing, consider this: a broken or weak garage door can welcome crime, as many home robberies occur either in the garage or through the garage

“A well-maintained garage door can help reinforce your family’s safety and security,” says Chris Terrill, CEO of HomeAdvisor, a leading website offering resources for home repair and improvement projects. “Minor fixes on your garage door now can go a long way in the future.”

With this in mind, HomeAdvisor is offering repair solutions to common garage door problems:

Ӣ The garage door won`t open or close: If you have an electric opener, check your keypad first and find out if your opener is functioning. You might need to have the opener reprogrammed.

”¢ The garage door sticks when opening or closing: It’s likely that the metal rollers and hinges need lubricating. The tracks may also be dirty, clogged or out of alignment.

Ӣ When the garage door is released, it falls: When a garage door is released it should remain in position if it`s in good shape. If it falls, odds are that the extension springs are worn and should be replaced.

Ӣ The garage door opens on its own: If a garage door opens entirely on its own, the extension springs are too strong and should be replaced with lighter ones.

Many garage door issues will require the effort of a professional. So if you’re looking for a contractor to make repairs or replace your garage door, do your research.

By reading pro reviews on a site like HomeAdvisor, you can find a reputable service professional from a network of 85,000 background-checked service professionals to do your garage repair, as well as other home repairs and improvements. Remove the guesswork out of the project and research garage door repair costs prior to hiring a professional.

More information can be found at www.HomeAdvisor.com.

Don’t let a shoddy garage door make a criminal’s day. By taking steps to maintain this key entryway to your home, you can help ensure your family’s well-being.