SAN DIEGO – How many more colors can Zoe Saldana be on the big screen?

“Well, the rainbow has a lot of colors,” Saldana said at Comic-Con. “I dig it. I like being in space. I get to play less girlfriends, more female parts, more women. So I find it meaty.”

The actress portrays green-skinned alien Gamora in Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” after going blue in James Cameron’s “Avatar.” And she recently reprised her other space-bound character, Uhura, in JJ Abrams’ “Star Trek Into Darkness.”

“It’s a testament to how creative the people that conceive supernatural and science-fiction kind of stories,” Saldana, 35, said. “They’re able to build something out of nothing by just imagining it. I have a huge fascination with that. Filmmakers like JJ, like (“Guardians” director) James (Gunn), like James Cameron. … You need to be really, really special to do that. So I like being with special people.”

Chris Pratt, 34, is among Saldana’s co-stars in “Guardians,” which had been filming in the U.K. before its actors dropped in to show footage at Comic-Con.

Pratt plays Peter Quill, an interplanetary gunslinger known as Star-Lord. His character’s wit and rebellious spirit has been compared to Han Solo.

“You can make the comparison, that’s for sure,” Pratt said. “Guardians” — set for release next summer — is “a big space opera.”

Turner, music exec celebrate wedding

GENEVA – Tina Turner celebrated her wedding to Erwin Bach with a party at her estate near Zurich.

Swiss media reported that David Bowie, Sade and Oprah Winfrey were among the more than 120 guests invited to Sunday’s Buddhist-inspired event.

Authorities were temporarily barring boats on Lake Zurich from nearing Turner’s Chateau Algonquin estate in the Kuesnacht municipality.

About a month ago, the 73-year-old pop star tied the knot with Bach, a 57-year-old German music executive and her longtime beau, at the town hall in the wealthy community.

— From news service reports


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