Kudos on Mike Langworthy’s assessment of many Canadians. As a Canadian who moved to Maine (temporarily for school almost 20 years ago), I am happily an American-Canadian now married to an American husband, proudly raising two sons in the greatest country in the world. There is lots I miss about Canada (CBC, though NPR’s a great substitute), the French language (my sons giggle at my attempts at Spanish), common-sense health care (no braces or drugs covered by the government, thanks; it’s just emergency care for all), a lack of radio hockey coverage, Canadian comedy (the audience must have been 40 somethings to love Kids in the Hall). There are many more things I do not miss: the “poor me” attitude, disrespect for elected officials, lack of pride in the second greatest country in the world. We should remain good friends; the U.S. and Canada share a border and are resource-rich countries with bright futures for our children.

Heather Maines