The family is asking, “What’s for dinner?” and you have no idea.

The neighborhood potluck is tonight, and you forgot all about it.

The kids just invited three extra friends for dinner.

You need some food on the table, and you need it now. You also want it to be delicious and nutritious. What’s the answer? Pineland Farms potatoes! Fresh from the farm – minutes to the table.

Pineland Farms potatoes are grown in Aroostook County by multi-generational potato farmers who are maintaining the tradition of the family farm. They deliver their crop to the Pineland Farms plant in nearby Mars Hill. There, the potatoes are cooked, diced, sliced, mashed, shredded, refrigerated and made ready for your dinner table. It doesn’t get much fresher than that.

Pineland Farms Potatoes began with farmers. It was created by a group of Maine potato farmers who wanted to add value to their crop. Rodney McCrum, president and COO of the Pineland Farms potato and creamery division, is a fourth-generation potato farmer. “One of the main reasons this company was started,” McCrum said, “was to keep the family farms going.”


Over the years, Pineland Farms Potatoes has grown into a company that supports more than 20 local farm families and ships more than 50 million pounds of refrigerated Maine potatoes to grocery stores, restaurants and even military commissaries all across the country.

“Ninety-nine percent of the farms here in Aroostook County are family farms. That heritage is very strong,” added McCrum. “It’s crucial that our farmers have a dependable market for their crops, and we’re committed to providing that. Just this summer, we broke ground on a new expansion that will double our processing and storage area.”

If you’ve never purchased Pineland Farms potatoes at your local grocer, including Hannaford, Publix, or Shop Rite, chances are, you’ve still enjoyed them: Pizzeria Uno, Famous Dave’s, 99 Restaurants, Logan’s Steakhouse and Disney World, among others, all use Pineland Farms potatoes in their menu items.

For your own menu, homestyle mashed potatoes with a creamy blend of milk and butter can be on your table in a matter of minutes. Rushing to fix breakfast? Seasoned, shredded Pineland Farms potatoes means hash browns in a flash. Feel like a good chowder on a rainy afternoon? White diced potatoes are all ready to toss into the pot. Need a potato salad for that neighborhood potluck? You get the idea!

Whether you need some last-minute help with dinner or a delicious complement to that Pineland Farms natural beef tenderloin you’re grilling for a special celebration, Pineland Farms potatoes are the answer. Just open the fridge and reach for some fresh and delicious Maine potatoes.

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