OLD ORCHARD BEACH — The town dog park has been named “K9 Veterans Memorial Park,” to recognize four-legged war heroes and service dogs.

The town dog park is located near the former AZ’s Market at Veterans Memorial Park.

Pat Holland, a Veterans Memorial Park Committee member, asked the town council last week to name the dog park, and the council unanimously approved the measure.

Many dogs have served in various wars, some dying for our country, she said.

Holland spoke of war dogs who received some fame, such as “Sergeant Stubby,” who served in World War I and was named a life-long member of the American Legion.

According to information from the Connecticut Military Department, Stubby not only boosted the morale of soldiers but warned them of gas attacks. He also held down a German spy until his unit could complete the capture. During his service, Stubby survived a wound to the leg and being gassed.

Numerous dogs, like Sergeant Stubby, have served the country, but unfortunately received little or no recognition, said Holland.

Some dogs have died in service to our country, and there are some, said Holland, who were “left behind like disposable equipment.”

“They’re unsung heroes,” said Holland. “They deserve the same recognition as humans.”

Holland said in recent years there have been organizations and individuals working to give war dogs recognition. Holland said she thought the dog park was a fitting place to recognize military dogs, as it was part of Veterans Memorial Park. She said the park will also honor service dogs, therapy dogs, police dogs and search and rescue dogs.

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