In order for Maine to continue attracting more private investment and create new jobs, we need to focus on making our state even more competitive.

Under the leadership of Gov. LePage we are making progress. So far we have successfully cut taxes, removed unnecessary regulatory burdens and red-tape, and we have implemented a business-friendly attitude that has swept from Augusta to communities across our great state.

Our work is by no means done; we continue to be stonewalled by a Legislature that is desperate to hang on to policies that have failed us for decades.

In an Aug. 13 Maine Voices column (“Alfond questions LePage’s economic vision”), Senate President Justin Alfond suggested that the way to improve our economy is by increasing government spending.

Gov. LePage and his administration support doing the opposite. We want taxpayers and job creators to keep more of their money and at the same time, expect state government to live within its means and actually pay its bills before taking on any new debt.

For decades this was not the way Maine state government conducted its business. It should come as no surprise that the current Legislature continues to try to block policies aimed at making Maine more competitive and prosperous. There are many other states that have enacted similar policies and are now enjoying lower tax burdens and lower energy costs.

This past session, Democratic legislators focused on trying to pass job-killing policies that would hurt Maine businesses and made us even less competitive.We cannot keep repeating the same failed policies with an expectation of anything but stagnation.

George Gervais is the commissioner of the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development.


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