Re: “Our View: Clinic door wrong place for abortion protesters” (July 30):

You state unequivocally that holding signs and shouting slogans, videotaping patients and visitors, and attempting to engage women entering the clinic to influence their “choice” does not violate Maine law. 

Incredibly, you then go on to make an emotional appeal claiming that using such legal tactics somehow “goes beyond the political speech that the First Amendment is designed to protect,” claiming falsely that only speech that is contained within the haunts of a debate hall is protected by the First Amendment.

Abortion protests reside in the ideological differences of what is right and wrong. While it is important to continue to have that avenue of First Amendment protection for the halls of debate and Legislature, it is absolutely critical at the phase where women are entering in the clinics to perform an act that destroys a life. For those women, there is no “redo” or going back.

I close by noting that in several states, there have been huge losses by pro-abortion forces with the closing of several clinics.

Those closures have come about by citizens who get fed up with city tyrants who are pro-abortion-minded individuals seeking to shield women from hearing constitutionally protected free speech. 

The tide is turning against the abortion industry as Americans come to learn that science has unequivocally declared that human life begins at conception, and that when you fight against pro-life, you not only fight the First Amendment, but you fight the supporting science also.

Mark Pepin is a resident of Andover.


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